About Kyle

Age: 17

Occupation: High School Senior

Resides: Bakersfield, California, USA

Family: Dave (Dad), Kelly (Mom), Kelsey (older sister), four dogs and one cat

Years flying: I started flying R/C airplanes at age 7.  R/C modeling has always been my dad’s hobby, and I grew-up at the flying field.  From ages 7 through 13, I flew everything from nitro and electric powered trainers and aerobatic airplanes, sailplanes of all types, ducted fan electric jets, electric slow fliers and foamies, as well as nitro powered helis (.30 to .90 size).  I converted to all electric helis in 2007.

Getting into 3D Helicopters: In 2007 at age 13, I saw Alan Szabo fly 3D at a local fun-fly. Seeing that made me want to excel in 3D helicopters.  From then on, I have focused almost exclusively on improving my 3D skills, and preparing myself for competitions.

Current goals: First of all, continue to have fun with the hobby.  Second, promote the hobby, as it is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get some excitement in your life.  It’s like a real world video game, except mistakes have consequences (no reset button).  Third, I love to compete.  So performing well in major competitions motivates me to practice, practice, and then practice some more.


1st Place Advanced Class, 2008 Align Ultimate 3D Competition, Las Vegas, NV, USA

3rd Place Masters Class, 2009 Align Ultimate 3D Competition, Las Vegas, NV, USA

4th Place 2009 Extreme Flight Championship (XFC), Muncie, IN, USA

2nd Place 2009 Munich Heli Masters / F3N Euro Championship, Munich, Germany

1st Place 2010 Extreme Flight Championship (XFC), Muncie, IN, USA

3rd Place Masters Class, 2010 3D Masters, Venlo, Netherlands