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Awesome Mikado 3D Masters video created by Uwe Granzow

Click here to view the 3DM 2010 Trailer from Uwe Granzow on Vimeo.


As a result of my XFC win, I have been invited to compete in the “One” competition being conducted on Saturday at noon during the IRCHA event.

Additionally, I will be competing in the IRCHA night flying competition, and have also been invited by the IRCHA organizers to fly during the fireworks demonstration in concert with the fireworks. I will also be performing demonstration flights during the scheduled “Power Hours” for Team Edge and Team Mikado.

Can’t wait for the event, I hope to see everyone there.

Just returned three days ago from the 3D Masters in Venlo, Netherlands, where I finished 3rd in the Masters Class. It was my first time attending the 3D Masters competition. It was a great trip and I enjoyed the competition. My final overall score at the end of the event was 2330.15

Take a look at the final Results:

Check out this cool video of me flying, filmed air to air. Thanks to Perry Kavros for this great video.

Click here to watch the Mikado Kam video on vimeo from Perry Kavros on Vimeo.

Check out what happens when you open up the shutter during my night flying.
Thanks go out to Perry and Jesse Kavros for catching these incredible shots!

Gyroscope –

Pyro Globe –

VBar –

Welcome to the all new

On this site you can see what it takes to be an RC Helicopter Pilot.

“Kyle Dahl, one of the most promising pilots of the Team Mikado wins the XFC 2010. Congratulations to Kyle and his Father Dave and all people that makes this great success happen.

His consequent practise and best equipment have been payed off. Kyle flys a Logo 600 with VBar V5 (Prototype) on a regular VBar. He is one of the few pilots in the world, that is able to touch the limits of the material. His flights show exceptional precision and quickness at the same time.” -Mikado Model Helicopters